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Pegaso Eco 6 flows 6 litres per minute and requires 100mm flue

Pegaso Eco 11 flows 11 litres per minute and requires 110mm flue



The new PEGASO ECO is a high-performance, low emission heater for domestic hot water production, powered by natural gas or LPG and equipped with a compact, WATER-COOLED, battery-powered burner with electronic ignition (from -5°C to +60°C).


Perfect hot water solution for static caravans

The Pegaso gas water heaters are ideal for use in most types of static caravan. They are compact and offer a wide range of hot water temperatures and power efficiencies.


Features & Benefits

• Low NOx wall-mounted gas water heater with open chamber and natural draft, with modulating heat power

• Wide range of hot water temperature regulation and power efficiencies

• Compact size and weight

• Heat exchanger with copper pipes, externally finished with aluminium rustproof treatment

• Battery powered electronic ignition

• Power and hot water temperature regulation using ergonomic dials


Make sure the room where the unit is installed meets all the requirements of the Current Regulations. In particular, this unit is an “open chamber” type and must only be installed and operate in permanently ventilated places.


This unit is the best replacement for the Cointra Optima COB 10 / Cointra CPA11 / Morco G11 / Bosch W11 heaters.

Pegaso Eco 11 & Flue Kit

SKU: Eco11+Flue
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