• Energy Efficient Thermal Fluid Technology
  • Fast Heat Distribution
  • Fully Programmable with Precision Thermostat
  • Smart White Aluminium Body
  • Easy Plug-in & Go Installation

Cointra 500 W Electric

SKU: 0004
  • The Cointra Apolo DC range of electric radiators offers energy efficient, fully programmable, easy-install heating for your home at a great value budget price.


    Cointra Apolo DC 500W radiators ensure energy-efficient heating with dependable thermal liquid technology, a high precision thermostat and fully programmable heating control.

    The Apolo's liquid elements ensure that heat is evenly distributed over the radiator surface, spreading heat evenly throughout your room.

    The excellent heat retention properties of thermal liquid technology prevent the radiator working hard to maintain temperatures, helping to save energy and reduce your heating bills. The highly accurate thermostat will switch the radiator on or off automatically to maintain a comfortable temperature. This means that with good insulation the radiators only use power for a fraction of the time. Fully programmable controls allow you to set a 7 day heating schedule to suit your lifestyle, with different settings for every hour of every day of the week, if needed! This allows you to minimise waste and keep your heating bills low as possible.


    Installation is simple and fast, a straight-forward DIY task. Simply screw to the wall and plug in at the nearest socket. Full installation and programming instructions are included.

  • Brand Cointra
    Colour White
    Item Weight 6.68 Kg
    Product Dimensions 10 x 33.5 x 58.1 cm