Cointra Technical Support

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Cointra Technical Support

For units bought from Cointra Ltd UK  01342 824715 support you will need your Purchase order number and your Gas Safe Qualified LPG Engineers number and date of install before calling.


Cointra COB 5

Cointra COB 10

Cointra CPA 6

Cointra CPA 11

Cointra Optima

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Cointra Technical Support is available when you buy your Cointra from us here at Cointra Ltd UK company based in Forest Row East Sussex.

Our technical Support is Free to purchasers of units directly from us and we are open 365 days a year.

PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT OFFER TECHNICAL ADVICE FOR UNITS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN DIRECTLY PURCHASED FROM US. Customers needing Technical help for units not bought form us should go back to the retailer who sold them their unit.

Please email in the first instance. Thank you