Cointra Optima COB 10 Lpg GAs Water Heater Tanbkless

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Cointra Optima Cob 10

Product Description Cointra Ltd. UK

Cointra Optima Cob 10 LPG Water Heater by Cointra Ltd. UK

NOT covered by the new NOX Regulations

Cointra Optima Cob 10 LPG water heater features fully automatic ignition (meaning no pilot light); and a maximum output of 10 litres per minute.

The battery operated ignition switches on as soon as water flows through the unit. Complete with standard 1/2 inch connections for gas and water. Designed for use in static caravans.

Technical Info

  • Dimensions (cm): 56 H x 33 W x 18 D

  • Flow Rate: 10 litres/minute (max.) at 25°C rise

  • Flue Type: Vertical 110mm diameter (not included)

  • Ignition: Electronic, fully automatic

  • Ignition: Ionization flame failure control

  • Water Pressure: Min. 0.6 bar required to operate

  • Gas Type: Propane 30mbar or butane 30mbar

  • Gas Consumption: 1.58 kg/h

  • Includes pipe fittings.

This heater is supplied with mounting brackets, to enable this heater to be installed inline with the Morco G11 and Bosch W11 flue outlet.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Cointra Ltd. Uk This appliance must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This water heater is intended for use in a static caravan. Consult a Gas Safe engineer as to the suitability for any other use before ordering. Cointra Ltd . UK