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All About NOX

NOx Emissions Explained As this legislation is all about NOx emissions, it’s important to understand exactly what they are and why the ErP want to lower the levels of NOx in the air.  
NOx is short for Nitrogen Oxide, a collection of reactive and poisonous gases formed when fuel is burned at high temperatures. Simply put, the higher the temperature, the more NOx will be emitted.  
Many boilers are already improving the levels of NOx emissions and this new legislation will only help to make boilers even more efficient and kinder on the environment.  
What to know about the latest legislation? 
The latest legislation that came into force on 26th September 2018 set up a strict restriction on NOx emissions of domestic boilers being installed in EU and UK. According to the legislation, the boilers maximum NOx emissions can`t be higher than: 
-120mg/KWh for oil-fired boilers - 56mg/KWh for gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) boilers 
The boilers which can`t meet the requirement above simply are not allowed to be installed.