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New Cointra CPA 11 Litre Low Nox Gas Water Heater.

By Cointra Ltd UK

The new Cointra CPA 6 and CPA 11 models replace the Optima COB range, the CPA is the first Low Nox LPG open flue Water Heater in the UK.

The CPA 11 replaces

  • Morco G11E

  • D51B   |CPA 11 Direct Replacement. Same Size as Morco

  • Bosch W275

  • Primo 

  • Forcali 

  • Cointra COB 10

New Gas Legislation September 26th 2018. New restrictions. Cointra CPA are Compliant

Changes to Caravan users & Installers.

  • Low Nox Max - Nitrogen Oxides 58mg/Kwh

  • 10.8 Ltres per min 

  • Heat 21.1 Kw Minimum Heat 8.1 Kw

  • 550mm (H) x 185mm (D) x 330mm (W)

  • Automatic Pilot Light - Gas Supply 37Bar

  • Batteries Included & Fitting Kit Included

  • 1 Year Uk Manufacturers Warranty

  • 365 days a year Support. UK

  • Manufacturer technical Support UK

  • Digital Display

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